April 03, 2008

Poll Results of the "Fifth Beatle" question

The results of the March poll show overwhelmingly that Beatles producer George Martin is the person whom most deserves the "Fifth Beatle" title. I'm pleased with the results as he was my first choice also. His production and arranging skills were vital to the great sound of their recordings. He also occasionally played piano on some of their songs.

This poll was the most voted on so far on this blog. Please take a couple of seconds to vote on this month's poll (near the top right of the page). The question is: If you could spend 1 hour in private conversation with one of the Beatles, which one would you choose? Of course with John and George, it would have to be considering they were still alive these days.


Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with this. It has to be George Martin. His contributions to The Beatles music were huge!

BeatlesLane said...

I totally agree.