March 26, 2008

Video: May Pang talks about John Lennon on CBS's "Up To The Minute"

In this video, May Pang talks about photography and John Lennon with Meg Oliver on CBS's "Up To The Minute" (3/26/08). Pang is the author of the book "Instamatic Karma", a book of photographs, published in 2008.

Lennon and Pang had a relationship during the 18 months that John and Yoko were separated (between 1973 and 1975).

March 24, 2008

Neil Aspinall, longtime Beatles friend and business associate, has died

Sadly, Neil Aspinall has passed away at age 66. Neil was a childhood friend of Paul McCartney and George Harrison and over the years served as the Beatles' driver, road manager, personal assistant and later as head of The Beatles' company Apple Corps. He was fiercely loyal to the band and is interviewed in the 'Beatles Anthology' DVD set.

Aspinall fathered a child by Mona Best: Vincent "Roag" Best (born in July 1962). Mona is the mother of ex-Beatle Pete Best.

In a statement released on behalf of surviving Beatles Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the company described him as a "great man" who would be missed.

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March 12, 2008

Paul McCartney Featured on the PETA Web Site

Posing in PETA's "Eat No Animal" shirt, Paul McCartney describes the first time it hit him that animals value their lives just as much as humans do. Veggie Testimonials.

Paul's late wife Linda was a vegetarian and he has been one since 1975.

March 11, 2008

First Ever Free to Read Online Beatles Book is Launched

[Press release from author Bob Neaverson]

The first ever free to read online Beatles book has just been launched. Bob Neaverson, author of The Beatles Movies (Cassell, 1997) and co-author (with former Apple Film boss Denis O’Dell) of At the Apple’s Core, has just launched a Beatles Movie website, The site is dedicated to celebrating the importance of the group’s five forays into film, and includes a re-vamped version of his first book, the highly acclaimed The Beatles Movies, a critical history of the band’s films which includes interviews with such key movie personnel as former Apple boss Denis O’Dell, film director Richard Lester, and the group’s favourite actor, Victor Spinetti.

It is the first time a major Beatles book has been made available completely free to read online to fans. Along with the book, there is much else for Beatles film fans to enjoy, including videographies, quizzes, a discussion of the group’s promo output and other items of fascinating trivia. Bob explains that ‘I want the site to blossom and grow and have a strong interactive element. Rather than simply re-publishing the book in hard copy form, it seemed more exciting to put it out on the web, where it can be read by everyone for free. I’m not getting any royalties, so I’m hoping that the site will eventually sustain itself through advertising, but there really is no catch…It’s the world’s first free to read Beatles book!’

March 01, 2008

Poll Results of "Which Decade Did You Become a REAL Beatles Fan"?

The February poll was "Which Decade Did You Become a REAL Beatles Fan"?. That poll is now closed, and thank you to those who voted. The results show that the majority are original fans! The 1960's, the decade the Beatles were together, changing the world and creating all of that great music, is the top answer of the poll.

This month's poll is at the top right of this page, and the question is: "Who Best Qualifies as the "Fifth Beatle"?" You can choose more than one person in this poll. Thanks for voting, it only takes a couple seconds.