March 26, 2008

Video: May Pang talks about John Lennon on CBS's "Up To The Minute"

In this video, May Pang talks about photography and John Lennon with Meg Oliver on CBS's "Up To The Minute" (3/26/08). Pang is the author of the book "Instamatic Karma", a book of photographs, published in 2008.

Lennon and Pang had a relationship during the 18 months that John and Yoko were separated (between 1973 and 1975).


BeatlesLane said...

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Anonymous said...

May Pang was not a musician or a singer. She did some background vocals on #9 Dream saying "John" with Lori Burton, but she did not pursue any type of "career". She continues to exploit John Lennon because to her, that was the only meaningful thing in her life. Never mind that she married Tony Visconti, was married for 10 years and has 2 kids. That does not seem to matter to her. What a book she could write about her time with Tony and all the people she met, but no, she continues to cling onto a thirty year old encounter that basically amounted to sexual harassment as she was indeed an employee. To be ordered by ones employer to sleep with their husband and to go ahead and do so, is beyond lack of class. Yes John can be hard to resist but at what cost? Your dignity, pride and self esteem? She needs therapy to get over what she allowed to happen to her.