May 01, 2008

Poll Results of 1 Hour Private Conversation Question

April's poll question was "If you could spend 1 hour in private conversation with one of the Beatles, which one would you choose"? As you can see, John Lennon was the number one answer with 53%. One the other end, Ringo received one vote. I think it was from his wife, Barbara Bach :)

Please take a second to vote in this month's poll "Which is your favorite 'REVOLVER' song?"


Anonymous said...

Poor Ringo! He'd be an interesting chap to chat to... But yes in comparison... I didn't vote in your poll - but yes I probably would have picked Lennon as well. Although a chat with George or Paul would be great too.

BeatlesLane said...

A chat with any of them would surely be interesting. Even Pete Best probably has some good stories to tell about the early days.