December 31, 2007

Video: Julian Lennon "When I'm Sixty-Four" (Allstate Commercial)

This is the 2002 Allstate Commercial featuring Julian Lennon covering "When I'm Sixty-Four".
From I've found a quote from Julian and one from Paul McCartney about Julian's recording this song for the commercial. Julian says, "It's funny how all my life I have been asked to record John Lennon songs and impersonate my father, now out of the blue, I get a request to sing a Beatles song. When I'm 64, originally recorded by Paul, is a song that I never imagined myself performing, but because the idea was so quirky and the fact that I saw a great deal of humor in doing it, I thought - why not!"

Paul says, "It's a dumb move on the publishing company's part because I don't think it helps the songs in the long run. But if anybody's going to do it I'd rather it be Julian. I've got to laugh at that."
See also: Julian's former classmate Lucy O'Donnell Vodden of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" fame dies

Photo: Copyright 2009 Todd Meagher

December 30, 2007

Video: The Beatles - "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"

From the 1965 movie 'Help!', here's "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away". In addition to The Beatles, this clip also features Eleanor Bron and Leo McKern.

December 22, 2007

Video: The Eggmen (with Orchestra) - "I Am The Walrus"

I just came across this band and video, so I thought I'd share it. This video is of The Eggmen (with orchestra) performing "I Am The Walrus" live. The Eggmen are an Austin, TX Beatles tribute band, originally formed in 1992. They play authentic instruments, including amps by Vox; guitars by Rickenbacker/Gretsch/Epiphone/Hofner, and drums by Ludwig (vintage mid-60s). They are sometimes backed by a full orchestra (like in this video).

December 05, 2007

Free e-Book Telling the Story of The Beatles 'Revolver' Album

There's a free e-book available online telling the story of the Beatles 1966 album Revolver. It's in PDF format (726kb) and you can get it here > Abracadabra! - The Complete History of the Beatles' Revolver. On that site simply click "Download" and there's no catches, no registration or anything. I haven't had time to read it, so I can't vouch for it being good or not, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

November 29, 2007

Video: "Give Peace A Chance" John Lennon & Yoko Ono

"Give Peace A Chance" was written during John Lennon and Yoko Ono's ‘Bed-In’ honeymoon in 1969. The song was recorded on June 1, 1969, in Room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada.

In attendance for the recording session were many celebrities and journalists including Tommy Smothers, Petula Clark, Timothy Leary, Murray the K, Derek Taylor, Rabbi Abraham Feinberg, Joseph Schwartz, Al Capp, Rosemary Woodruff Leary, Dick Gregory, Allen Ginsberg, and Allan Rock.

November 26, 2007

Video: "You're Sixteen" - Ringo Starr

This video of Ringo Starr's cover of "You're Sixteen" is from Ringo's 1978 TV special. Carrie Fisher appears in this video as the love interest. On the song, Paul & Linda McCartney provide background vocals. Paul also does an imitation of a saxophone for the solo on the track, which is often mistaken for a kazoo.

November 25, 2007

Beatles Christmas Greeting!

Check out the audio Beatles Christmas Greeting from Send it to your friends also with the handy "Tell a friend" emailer.

November 23, 2007

Video: George Harrison "Crackerbox Palace"

"Crackerbox Palace" appears on George Harrison's 1976 album, 'Thirty Three & 1/3'. The song was released as the second single from the album and reached #19 on the American pop charts. In the video, Neil Innes (of Rutles fame) appears as a carriage-pushing nanny/mother. Harrison's future wife Olivia Arias appears briefly in the video (lady on the bed, left side).

November 02, 2007

Video: Paul McCartney performs Buddy Holly's "Words Of Love"

In this clip from "The Real Buddy Holly Story"(1987), Paul McCartney performs Holly's "Words Of Love" on acoustic guitar. Big fans of Buddy Holly, the Beatles had recorded the song in 1964 for their "Beatles For Sale" album.

Paul McCartney once said: “At least the first 40 [Beatles] songs we wrote were Buddy Holly-influenced."

October 24, 2007

The Beatles on the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

On the main site I've just added pictures of The Beatles on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine over the last 40 years! John Lennon was the very first person to appear on the cover of the magazine. It was the November 9, 1967 issue, numbered RS1. Also, the very last photo session of John was photographed by Annie Leibovitz on Dec. 8, 1980, just a few hours before Lennon was assassinated.

October 03, 2007

Paul McCartney's YouTube Channel

From this news article titled "Macca bitten by the YouTube bug" I learn that Paul McCartney has his own YouTube channel. He has added a short clip that shows himself and some pals nodding along to a track from his new album called ‘Nod Your Head’. Thousands of people have added their own versions on YouTube, reports the Sun.

Also on YouTube, here's the official channel of Yoko Ono. She has a few videos of herself, John, and son Sean. Also a video about the Imagine Peace Tower.

September 28, 2007

More Videos Added to the Site

More Videos Added to BeatlesLane....

Lorne Michaels of SNL Bribes The Beatles with $3,000
Saturday Night Lives' Lorne Michaels offers the Beatles $3,000 to appear on the show (April 24, 1976).

John & Yoko Play Co-Host on Mike Douglas' Show
John Lennon & Yoko Ono Play Co-Host on the Mike Douglas Show for the week of Feb. 14-18, 1972.

Beatles Perform "Yesterday" Live in Japan - 1966
An "electrified" version of an acoustic guitar and string quartet song.

September 24, 2007

Video Added To The Site

Video has been added to BeatlesLane, with more to come. First up is the 20/20 interview with Pattie Boyd (from the Sept. 21st broadcast). She talks about her life with George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Part 1 here and Part 2.

Also, Paul McCartney's 1989 studio performance of "Put It There".

September 07, 2007

Welcome To The BeatlesLane Blog!

Welcome to the BeatlesLane blog. This is the companion blog for, a brand new Beatles fan site, launched today. The site has news, articles, quotes, avatars, videos and more to come. Thanks for visiting!