May 02, 2011

Video: John Lennon "I'm Losing You" with Rick Nielsen, Bun E Carlos, Tony Levin

This early version of "I'm Losing You" was recorded on August 12, 1980, during the Double Fantasy sessions. It remained unreleased for 18 years until its inclusion on 1998's John Lennon Anthology. The lineup for the track is John Lennon (vocals, guitar), Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen (guitar) and Bun E Carlos (drums), Tony Levin (bass), and George Small (keyboards). The song was later re-recorded with studio musicians (including Levin), and that version appears on the Double Fantasy album.

In 1998, Yoko Ono commissioned a video for the Anthology track, and this is what you see above. Nielsen, Carlos and Levin appear in it. The video also features animations by David Spafford, which are based on some of John Lennon's drawings.


Top 10 Best Beatles said...

This is a great version of the track. Like it!

Yer Blues said...

Great song and great blog!!

Michael Lantz said...

This is a great version but nothing can compare to the original version by John Lennon.