September 20, 2009

Video: The Beatles "Hello Goodbye"

The Beatles' promotional video for "Hello Goodbye" (1967). This video for the song was banned by the BBC, as the lip-synched performance violated the rules of the United Kingdom's musicians union.

John Lennon was very vocal in his dislike of "Hello Goodbye," saying it was "three minutes of contradictions and meaningless juxtapositions" and claiming it "smells a mile away." Then again, Lennon was critical of many Beatles songs, including a number of his own.


Anonymous said...

I love the Beatles. It's a family tradition for us to sing their stuff on the holidays. I love this exciting (and funny) recent Ringo Starr Video too!

harry685 said...

Love. The ending is very funny and interesting

Anonymous said...

I can see why Lennon would be critical of this song, but I strongly disagree with him. Amazing song, one of my favourites.