September 07, 2008

It Was 1 Year Ago Today...

It was 1 year ago today, Sept. 7th, that went online! Nearly each month there are more page views than the month preceding it, so the site is growing slowly but surely. The year has gone by quick. I hope there are many more to come. Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary :]

The Knitter said...

Congrats on one year. Only just Stumbled upon it through StumbleUpon. Full of information. I love anything Beatles or Stones orientated and your site has some great Beatles stuff. I've passed it on through StumbleUpon's Send to button so I hope you get loads more visitors.

BeatlesLane said...

@Tucson Bass Player, THANK YOU very much. I appreciate it! Take care.

@The Knitter, THANK YOU very much for the comments about the site and THANKS for the StumbleUpon! The huge increase in traffic is great, and certainly welcome. Thanks! Take care.

Unknown said...

Hi, congratulations on your year on the web, its a very nice work.

you should create a covers area, for people like me, that would love to share their own variations of the band that marked history, The Beatles.

here is link to a cover i did of Help! its just a draft, but its good anyway, in my opinion ofcourse.

thank you.

BeatlesLane said...

@Nicolas, Thanks for the comment. I'll have to think about your suggestion. Interesting video you have there.

Unknown said...

I always liked these lines from Larkin:
Sexual intercourse began
In 1963
Between the end of the Chatterly ban
And the Beatles' first LP.
-Philip Larkin, Annus Mirabilis, quoted in Margaret Drabble: A Reader's Guide.